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Every year we do a Winter Dream Practice. This is such a nice way to sink into the energies of Winter and allow the darkness to bring us into the light. Make sure you gather all your supplies for your dream tracking. For 13 "days" you will be in relationship with the unseen energies in ritual. Each of these "days" begins at sundown, so the first "day" begins on December 24th at sundown and completes on December 25th at sundown, when day 2 begins, and so on. The first day will be an imprint for the whole year. The second day will be an imprint for January and each day will continue through the 12 months of the year. Side note: you can use the astrological months instead of calendar months if you would like. That would mean that day 2 would be an imprint for Aries (the first astrological sign), not January, and would move then to Taurus, Gemini, etc all the way through the 12 signs until Pisces. I prefer to use the calendar months. 

Watch the recording to hear about all the practice invitations and decide what you want to include in your Winter Dream Practice. Once you make your choices, get everything you need so you are prepared to begin. 


Items to gather for your Winter practice:

Dedicated journal to write your dreams in

Printed pages of the dream sheets 


Blessing hers

Oracle/Tarot card deck

Special stone or amulet to have with/on you for the 13 days

Recording device or app set up for nights


Doing a bedtime ritual is a good idea to move into your dreamspace with intention. Having a cup of dream tea is an easy way to step into the dreaming realm. 


Herbs for dreaming and sleep:


Blue Lotus

Passion Vine


Holy Basil


California Poppy


Like I say in the recording, this practice is not just about our dreams, but about noticing the energies that come throughout each "day" and tuning into any images, sensations, emotions and thoughts that come throughout the 13 days. 



Attached are 2 printables for the practice. One is a brief outline of the 13 days and the other is a detailed record of each day. You can choose to use these or not, totally up to you. 

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