"From here on out, think of every exercise as a core exercise first." - Lara Catone

Come home to yourself. You body is awaiting your return. It is your temple, your vessel for your work and purpose in this world. Welcome all of it into your awareness and listen, for it will tell you what it needs and guide you on your journey to health.


Step into Motherhood with the connection, community and support essential for optimal pregnancy and postpartum wellness. Nourish your physical and emotional journey through mothering during group classes. Jessica will guide you through embodiment, discovery and reflection.

All mothers welcome. Babes in arms welcome.

No current Classes available. 


As part of the Artemis School Certification Program, Elemental Body is about a lot more then exercise and as with everything in the body, diastasis recti, prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunction are about much more then just the direct muscles and organs involved. It goes much deeper then the physical body. The Elemental Body program includes scar tissue, nutrition and gut health, lifestyle, the emotions and psychospiritual aspects of healing. Work with Jessica for any of the following issues:

  •  Diastasis Recti

  •  Incontinence 

  •  Prolapse

  •  Hernia

  •  Pelvic Pain

  •  Low Back Pain

  • Caesarean Scar

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The pelvic floor is our root and our foundation and it has long been left in the dark. Pelvic floor mapping and massage is a hands on/hands in therapy to be done with a partner. Jessica guides the giver through mapping the pelvis and pelvic floor. This may be a bit intimidating, but you wont realize how much you needed this until you try it.

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"We have a secret in our culture, it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong" -laura staroeharm

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