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Join a global movement of fierce mothers on a pathway of wisdom, reaching generations.


Starting September 28th

Thursdays, 6:15 - 7:15pm

Sliding Scale: $175 - $225

Together, we build Mother Culture. 

Women circling is the oldest code. Ancient wisdom and modern research tell us that when women gather, their mental and emotional health drastically improves. And when mothers thrive, communities thrive.

Our patterns of relating are out of alignment with the fundamental needs that all humans have for connection and belonging.

The cultural fabric is torn and we believe that it’s our work to do something about it. We have moved away from village-mindedness, and it’s mothers who suffer the most.

But what if we could change that simply through mothers gathering and connecting about the things that really matter?

What if instead of an epidemic of disconnection we could seed a culture of wisdom? For us, for our children, and for our children’s children.

This is the mission of MotherCircle.

Join the next MotherCircle in Morgan Hill and gather with local mothers and remember the long line of women you come from. This is an 8 class, in person course for mothers of all ages and stages who want to understand the unseen parts of their motherhood journey - physically, sexually, emotionally, spiritually, and archetypally.  Together, we collect all our parts and consciously weave our own motherhood journey.​ 

The Arch of MotherCircle

The structure and content of the course was developed by Kimberly Ann Johnson, author of  The Fourth Trimester,  and Jessica Connolly with the intention of rebuilding mother culture in a meaningful way.

MotherDive 1.png

Entering motherhood is an underworld journey often not seen and recognized by the outer world. Learn the arc of this journey, the tools to be present to it, and be witnessed as you locate yourself within it.

MotherCycle 1.png

Awareness of our cyclical nature can help us align with our innate wisdom as mothers. Explore how being in rhythm with the cycles in and around us gives us more access to our wholeness and our power.

MotherBody 1.png

Everything a new baby needs, a new mother also needs. Learn a powerful framework for assessing your physical and emotional wellness, and how to tend to a what's needed in your body no matter where you are at in your motherhood journey.

MotherJaguar 1.png

The predator - prey dynamic is present in our experience of birth and motherhood. Explore how this awareness and understanding of your nervous system can impact your everyday life and mothering.

MotherBirth 1.png

Birth is an initiatory experience that fundamentally changes us. We'll explore ways to access and share this experience that locates the wisdom that it has to offer for our motherhood journeys.

MotherLover 1.png

There is often a split between being a mother and being sexual. Learn how to connect with your ever changing sexuality as a mother and become more at home in your body and your sexuality.

MotherWorth 1.png

Motherhood changes how we relate to our work in the world. Explore the relationship between your worth and your value and anchor the things that nurture your worth as part of your mothering practice. 

MotherCode 1.png

We have a powerful opportunity to imagine the legacy we'd like to leave. We are shaped by our motherline and the mothers around us, and we can choose what we want to carry forward. Together we'll Identify the values that we want to guide our mothering and shape our lineage. 

Join a community of powerful mamas facing many of the same big questions, challenges and successes.

MotherCircle is for:

-Mothers of all ages and stages in the Morgan Hill, CA area

-Mothers who want to build a community with other moms

-Mothers  seeking to have deeper conversations about their motherhood journey

-Mothers  looking to redefine motherhood according to their own experience and values

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Join the next round of MotherCricle

For eight weeks we will circle and move through the arch of the course, deepening our connections every class. Each class is an important part of the whole arch of the course. If you cannot make it to one of the classes there will be ways to complete the class practices on your own. 

We start Thursday, September 28th.

Thursdays, 6:15-7:15pm

Morgan Hill, CA

Sliding Scale: $175-$225

In an effort to make these courses as available as possible, payment is on a sliding scale. The lower end of the scale is for those who need financial assistance to be able to take the course, the middle of the scale is for those who can afford to pay for themselves, and the higher end of the scale is for those who have a bit extra to pay it forward to those needing financial help. 

If finances are in any way prohibiting you from signing up please contact me. 

MotherCircle will be held at least once a year. If you cannot commit for this round, sign up for my quarterly newsletter to be the first to know about any upcoming courses. 


About Your Guide, Jessica 

Jessica brings a playful and grounded awareness to her offerings while emphasizing presence and self-love. Her foundation as an artist (BFA from Loyola Marymount) informs everything she offers. She encourages everyone, especially mothers, to tap into the innate creativity that lies within. Jessica is a certified MotherCircle facilitator among other certifications through The Artemis School for Women's Sexual Health and Sovereignty and the Steamy Chick Peristeam Hydrotherapy program.  She is a mother of three and values generational connection to bring wholeness to individuals, families and the collective. Jessica believes in the power of women coming together. She lives to inspire others to embody this life, create art and ritual, and connect deeply within and without.

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