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Womb Workshops

Generation after generation of women have lost touch with their body and it is time we take it back. There is so much of the feminine to reclaim: the stories, the beauty, the cycles, etc. All of it can seem overwhelming, but together we will start, and meander our way through all the facets of the feminine and settle into our wholeness. The world we want to create must start with ourself. We do this not only for us, but for all the generations, past, present and the future ones. These womb workshops will rotate through  different themes all centered around the anchor of our being: the pelvis and all it holds. Together we will  gather together and create a space where we can tune into and touch into our feminine self. 

Womb workshops will rotate through:

Bone holding

Womb stories

Vulva art

Internal, vaginal mapping

Finding your cervix

Menstrual cycle tracking

Vaginal steaming

Pelvic circles

Please pre-register for the workshops as there is limited space. Soon after registering you will receive an email with all the information for your upcoming workshop. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes (a long skirt is a good idea), a journal, pen, water bottle, and a large shawl or thin blanket. Make sure to arrive on time to honor and receive the whole experience: beginning, middle & end. Use the registration form below to sign up for all workshops and be sure to make your payment with your registration through paypal or venmo @lookforlight. 


More coming soon . . . 

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