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The Blossoming

Mothers and Daughters Growing Together

Mothers and teen Daughters, this space is for you. 

In this space we will call upon the wisdom that lives within our bodies that used to be passed on from generation to generation. In many family lines, this wisdom has not continued to be passed down.

This is a space to remember.

We remember not only for ourselves, and our daughters, but for women everywhere and for the many generations of women to come. As mothers, we are not only invited to remember what has been lost, but to forget, or, consciously unlearn all the things that have been passed down to us from the over culture and the generations that raised us that do not serve us or the future generations. 

This course is a place to come together with others who share the same story and to grow together in the realms of what it means to be in a female body. In the Mothers class mothers will circle with other women who face the same questions and challenges they do at this time in their parenting journey.  In the Daughters class, daughters gather with other preteens that may be facing the same physical and emotional shifts that come with adolescence. The two parallel courses will give mothers and daughters a common language to discuss difficult topics and create a foundation of a strong, intuitive relationship that will encourage each of them to grow into the women they are meant to be.

The pre-teen track is foundational and is an opportunity to start the conversations that come with puberty and menarche. The mid-teen track is a more in-depth look at the menstrual cycle and learning how to chart your cycle and track your fertility. The late-teen track deepens the journey of embodying all parts of the feminine sexuality and the path to pleasure. All the courses have the same basic rhythm and create many wonderful opportunities for mothers and daughters to deepen their relationship together and with themselves. The three courses are meant to build upon each other and be benchmark experiences during adolescence, but are not prerequisites or at all required.