My Moon Rhythm is a perpetual calendar (you put in the dates) so you can start whenever you want, and you can either go by the months of the year or you can go by your moon cycle (day 1 being the first day of your period). This daily calendar journal has 13 month spreads with each month followed by 4 week spreads and 4 solar gate sections to use at the solstices and equinoxes. There is a version that only includes 13 month spreads. 
On each monthly spread there is space for you to set your intentions for the beginning of the cycle. Make art. Write poetry. Journal. Etc. Then on each day there is a circle to fill in the phase of the moon (ideally you find and connect with the moon every day and fill in her phase of the cycle) and then there is extra space for any daily charting for the fertility cycle, emotions, or energy, etc. 
In the daily version after the month spread there are 4 weeks with daily spaces to track how you EMBODY, CREATE, & CONNECT. 

I recommend making it a daily ritual either in the morning or before bed to take time to check in with yourself and tune into all the rhythms at play for you.

My Moon Rhythm Calendar Journal