"When women gather, mountains move." - Chinese Proverb

Women have gathered together in ritual for thousands of years. It is in our nature to come together and share our experience. In circle we connect -to ourselves and to others-, we celebrate, we support, we witness, we practice, we listen deeply, we share our story, we move, we dance, we sweat, we cry, we laugh, we say YES to all of our emotions. Come, join the circle, your sisters await you.

All circles are held at THE HEALING SPACE,

503 Vineyard Town Center (Next to ReMax Realty and by Nob Hill)

Morgan Hill, CA 95037



Come gather with your sisters for Sacred Movement and Spiritual Practice every New Moon and Full Moon. All women welcome.

2020 Schedule

Friday, January 10. 6-8pm. Full Moon Cancer Dream Workshop

Friday, January 24. 6-8pm. New Moon Aquarius with Dance Night after

Saturday, February 8. 2-4pm. Full Moon Leo 

Sunday, February 23. 2-4pm. New Moon Pisces

Monday, March 9. 6-8pm. Full Moon Virgo

Friday, March 20. 6-8pm. Family Equinox Gathering/New Moon Aries

Monday, April 6. 6-8pm. Full Moon Libra

Friday, April 24. 6-8:30pm. New Moon Taurus - EMBODY WORKSHOP

Friday, May 8. 6-8pm. Full Moon Scorpio

Friday, May 22. 6-8pm. New Moon Gemini with Dance Night after

Friday, June 5. 6-8:30pm. Full Moon Sagittarius - CREATE WORKSHOP

Saturday, June 20. 5-7+pm. Family Solstice Gathering Pot Luck/New Moon Cancer

Monday, July 20. 6-8pm. New Moon/Blue Moon Cancer

Monday, August 3. 6-8pm. Full Moon Aquarius

Monday, August 17. 6-8pm. New moon Leo

Monday, August 31. 6-8pm. Full Moon Pisces

Friday, September 18. 6-8pm. New Moon Virgo

Friday, October 2. 6-8pm. Full Moon Aries/Family Equinox Gathering

Friday, October 16. 6-8:30pm. New Moon Libra - CONNECT WORKSHOP

Friday, October 30. 6-8pm. Samhain Full Moon Taurus

Friday, November 13. 6-8pm. New Moon Scorpio with Dance night after

Monday, November 30. 6-8pm. Full Moon Gemini.

Monday, December 14. 6-8pm. New Moon Sagittarius

*Family Circles are held at a different location. Message for address.


Please be on time to respect everyone's schedules. If you cannot make it on time, please consider coming to the next circle.

Babes in arms ok but we suggest trying to come on your own. This a sacred gift to yourself. Please be mindful of others' experience and consider staying home (or excusing yourself) if you baby is really needing you to be present with them.

This is a donation based practice. Please feel free to donate any amount that feels like an even energy exchange for you. A $10-$20 donation is recommended. 

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in.
Please bring a journal and something to write with. We recommend getting a special journal for these practices if you plan on coming regularly.
If you would like to bring something that represents you to contribute to the alter please do (you will take this back home with you).

In case you are curious as to what these circles are . . . . .
This will be a space to connect deeply with yourself and with others. These are practice based circles and each one is a bit different. Generally, each circle will include, breath work, grounding, meditation, movement, conversation/discussion, a practice of some kind, and sharing. The circle is a sacred and ceremonial space and is where we can all come to be witnessed on our journey. We share our Herstory and dive deep into the depths of who we are at our very core. The circle is meant to be experienced completely, beginning, middle and end so if you cannot stay the full 2 hours it is best if you don't come. I can honestly say that when women gather, magic happens. We ask that you come with an open heart and be ready to explore new and unfamiliar places that will lead you ultimately to your own truth. We gather to heal ourselves, so then we can heal the world. I hope you follow the call if you feel it in your heart. Love to you ♥