A woman’s blood holds the magic of life and death. In it lay our greatest powers. Pure Magic. It is something that should be revered, honored and celebrated. Also, a woman’s blood is a direct reflection of her over all health, like a vital sign. If we awaken to the wisdom of our blood and lift the veil of feminine shame the level of woman’s health (which really doesn’t exist in western medicine) will rise.

There are a variety of ways to work with your womb rhythms.  My background in womb wisdom started with my training in natural family planning using the Creighton method. Then I graduated from The Artemis School for woman's sexual health.  I am a certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner and working towards my certification as a PeriSteam Hydrotherapist. I am available for group parties, workshops and individual sessions.

Menstrual Cycle Analysis and Vaginal Steaming

The menstrual cycle has a direct correlation to a woman's overall health. When in balance, a healthy menstrual cycle is 28-30 days long with clear, lubricative, stretchy fertile fluid and a symptom free four day period with bright red blood. Vaginal Steaming is used in conjunction with specific herbal blends to regulate any variations in the cycle. We will work together to discover what your body is telling you. I ask questions concerning your cycle, such as the symptoms you are feeling throughout your cycle and what your period is like for you. From our conversation I create a customized Vaginal Steam plan that you can do yourself at home, with instruction on how to safely set up a steam session for yourself. We may also discuss lifestyle habits and period care that could help balance any imbalances you are dealing with. The customized Vaginal Steam Plan covers how often you may need to steam, how long each steam session should be, and what herbs are right for you to use in steaming. 

$75 per session. 

Menstrual Cycle Charting and Fertility Tracking

Throughout the four stages of the menstrual cycle there are different observations a woman can make to track fertility. Menstrual cycle charting is not only good for figuring out when you are fertile, but is a practice that connects a woman deeply to her own rhythms and the wisdom of her body. Using the Creighton method with some additional observation methods, you will learn to read your menstrual cycle to either avoid or achieve pregnancy. You will learn all the fertility signs and learn how to track them. I may also suggest a vaginal steam protocol if the cycle seems too unbalanced to get clear fertility signs. 

$200 initial session with 3 months of monthly review. 

Ritual Vaginal Steam Experience

Vaginal Steaming is an ancient womb based practice for women. Vaginal steaming can be a monthly self care practice or used specifically to support any extreme transformational life experience of the womb. It can be an important key to healing after any trauma or pregnancy loss/release. Your Ritual Vaginal Steam will include a brief menstrual cycle analysis to make sure there are no contraindications, space for witnessing and deep listening, a vaginal steam session and a meditation with journaling prompts. 

$100 per session. 

Menarch Ceremony

This is a ceremony for celebrating a young woman's first bleed. As a rite of passage, all her female family and friends gather with her to honor her transition into womanhood. Since this might look very different for each young woman, please contact Jessica for more information and pricing. 

Mother Blessing Ceremony

This is a ceremony for a pregnant mother about to give birth. In circle with her closest sisters, she is honored  and supported to enter into this transformational rite of passage with strength, power and intuition. There are many ways to create this ceremony and honor the mother as she moves into labor, birth and postpartum. Please contact Jessica if you would like help planning a mother blessing. 

Sealing Ceremony

This is a ceremony for closing, traditionally used after birthing or after any pregnancy release or loss. This ceremony combines herbal steaming, healing touch and binding, and sharing story and art. Give yourself, or a woman you know, the gift of healing postpartum care.


"We have a secret in our culture, it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong" -laura staroeharm

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